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News & Updates

Patty and the Buttons Success!

Patty and the Buttons were great last night.  If you missed out, quite a shame.  Fifty of your fellow dancers came out for the first live-music version of Rhythm Junction in 2012 and found themselves dancing until nearly Midnight to the sweet tunes that Patty and the Buttons provided us.

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I not miss out again?”, then read on my friend.  I’ll tell you how to find out about events at RJ and who the next live band is!

Rhythm Junction schedule of events is available in several places, but the most current and up to date is on Facebook.  There’s both a group and a page.  The group is more for the attendees to congregate and share items of interest amongst themselves while the page is for official announcements.  All the FB events originate from the page, such as this one for Jason’s Mardi Gras set next week.

Another thing that we have is our email list.  If you join, you’ll get an email about once a month telling you what’s coming up.  For now, you just have to email me your address to get on it while we get a real list-serve functioning.

And finally, there’s always the calendar on this site!

Well, you’re wondering whose up next for live music, eh?  Well, there’s a guy playing at PLEX NOIR in Winnipeg, Manitoba who’s going to stop by afterward.  PLeX is the Prairie Lindy eXchange.  It’s been around a long time and while mostly Canadian, we’ve hosted it here in Minneapolis twice, 2006 and 2008 for ForePLeX and OctoPlexy respectively.  A fun, relaxed event — it’s perfect for the new exchange going and veteran alike.  If you’re interested in carpool or caravan, do give us a call.

So who’s the group? Solomon Douglas will be performing for us in a three-piece jazz combo!  It’s going to make for a great night and we hope to see you there on March 12th, 2012!  (But, really, come to Winnipeg with us, it will be awesome.)