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Questions about the Venue, Four Season’s:

Where do I park?
Parking is available right near the venue.  The meters along the street are all free after 8pm.  This is usually right after the dinner crowd, meaning spots start to open up.  If you don't find one right away, one is bound to open soon.  This is marked in Green in the map below. The flat lot next to Joe's Garage is available for $5 per evening. (Yellow) The next best best is in the residential areas behind the Basilica.  (Yellow) It's free, if even a bit of a trek and is relatively unpopulated by transients. If you're still searching, there are flat lots under I94 west of the Basilica.  (Orange) Be warned that homeless people tend to congregate there. Finally, I'm uncertain if we can use the MCTC ramp (Red), but even if we can I think there will be a fee. Let me know if you've come across any other parking secrets that you'd share with others!  
What is Rhythm Junction?
A weekly dance for Lindy Hoppers by Lindy Hoppers.  Our DJs, managers, staff, and volunteers are all Lindy Hoppers.  RJ is owned and operated by Shawn and Chelsea Lavelle.
Can I get an escort back to my car?
Sure, let the front desk know that you'd like someone to walk you back to your car and the Site Manager will see to it.
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Questions about the Music:

What kind of music do you play?
Rhythm Junction provides an opportunity for all dancers to gain increased exposure to DJing styles, sub-genres of Jazz, and other musical qualities through our individual DJ preferences as well as themed nights.  In this way, Rhythm Junction hopes to energize your dancing by empowering and enabling dancers to grow and develop your own dance and style. Regardless of the various DJs and themes, you will always get a solid night of music for Lindy Hop.  We strongly encourage dancers to dance to music they think is "too fast" or "too slow" or "doesn't swing" as we believe that all dancers should be able to dance to all music.
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Questions about Rhythm Junction, LLC:

Who owns Rhythm Junction, LLC?
Rhythm Junction is owned by Shawn and Chelsea Lavelle.  Their profiles can be viewed on the staff page.
How does Rhythm Junction relate to, Collectively Blue, North Star Blues, and Midwest Lindyfest?
Rhythm Junction, LLC is the legal entity that operates, Collectively Blue, and North Star Blues. RJ provides a platform under which all these events can successfully operate with reduced risk to the various event organizers. Midwest Lindyfest is an event owned and operated by Midwest Lindyfest Productions, LLC, a separate entity.
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