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Rhythm Junction is always looking for involvement for DJs, door shifts and administrative support. Please go to the contact page and let us know how you’d like to be involved with Rhythm Junction.

Available Positions

Door Volunteers

Complementary Admission (Value $6)
~1 hour/night
Rhythm Junction requires trustworthy door staff to collect money and monitor access. The job will last approximately one hour per night with 4 to 5 staff per night. The commitment requested is once per month or as needed.
Set up, Collect money, monitor entrance, maintain fliers, clean up at end of evening


3 hours/night
The DeeJay is the crux of Rhythm Junction.  It is the job of the DJ to search and find good music to fit the night. This may mean additional research and expenditure on the part of the DJ to acquire enough music with which to DJ. DJ has a very specific meaning as a verb, not a noun. To DJ means not just to play songs that the DJ likes nor songs that will ‘fill the floor’. Song selection as a DJ means to critically select the song from your collection that will match the theme of the night AND the feel of the dancers. In order to do this, a large library of music may be necessary. It is up to the DJ to acquire the necessary collection of music and become familiar with it.

Any themed nights will be decided and made public two months ahead of time. The DJs will have advance notice of the themes as well as the opportunity to request or suggest themes and nights.

Research and acquire music, DJ in a theme and to the floor, be familiar with your music collection