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News & Updates

Another record with December upon us!

Rhythm Junction established a new attendance record last week with 92 dancers passing the door.  DJ Ed Morales played a great, up tempo set that kept you 92 dancing all night and dozens remained until the very end at 11pm. Thank you for your continued support of Rhythm Junction, we’re looking ahead to 2012 with great anticipation! We send a special thanks to Uptown Swing for coming to visit us on their field trip.  You are welcome anytime!

Features in this update: What to do with a packed house?  What’s coming in December? Winter is coming, How do we keep the place clean when the snows fall a hundred feet deep? What about 2012?

What to do with a packed house?

I have to admit, however, that it did get a bit cozy with nearly 100 people in the house.  There are few things that we can do about that, however, if this becomes the way of things.   The main floor is about 1100 sq feet, but the back room holds another 600 sq feet (if awkwardly shaped, surrounded by chairs, with a pillar in the middle).  If this trend continues, then we’ll open that back room for a variety of programming options — be it playing the same music as the front or going in a completely different direction.  There are many great things to be done there, don’t you worry, we’ve got ideas!

What’s coming in December?

There are just three nights of Rhythm Junction in December, the 5th, 12th, and 19th.  The 26th we are taking off for holiday.

On December 5th, RJ conducts an experiment: Guitarist Robert Bell is loved by all Minnesota dancers, this is known.  His wife and occasional RJ DJ Katie put the idea into both our heads that he should take his expansive musical knowledge and create a night of music for Lindy Hoppers as only he can do it.  Robert accepted the offer and brings his tunes to us this Monday, December 5th, 2011.  We are very excited to present the inaugural Lindy Hop DJ debut of Mr. Robert Bell.

Following that, Naomi Uyama, aspiring singer that she is (I hope you all catch her at the Uptown Strutter’s Ball on December 10th!), will return to the RJ DJ table on December 12th.  Naomi continues to bring her DC and NYC DJing experiences along with her vast knowledge of what it is that Lindy Hoppers look for.

In closing, for 2011, Jason Zabinski will DJ on December 19th, a scant 3 months after opening this adventure last September.  Jason is constantly expanding his musical repertoire to keep things interesting, undoubtedly he will have new selections to inspire you this week as well.  It is also worth noting that Jason has built enough energy to spawn a jam circle in 3 of 4 of his DJ opportunities.  Jams aren’t planned by RJ, they’re organic and we like it that way.  Don’t be shy, jump in and take a spin.

December 19th is also our Holiday Party.  We’re suggesting that you bring in cookies of some sort.  We like chocolate chip, russian tea cakes, spritzes, thumb prints, peanut butter, and such.  You can bring what you like too.  We’ll have milk and eggnog for you though!  More details to come later.

Winter is coming, How do we keep the place clean when the snows fall a hundred feet deep?

Winter is indeed coming.  That means snow and wet shoes/boots.   That means additional moisture in an already sweat filled room.  To combat this, snowy shoes and boots will require changing and left in the foyer to keep that additional moisture out of the venue, keeping the floors clean and better for dancing.  We’ll make some adjustments in that space to make it more amenable to changing shoes over the next few weeks, but please be cognizant of your feet and this policy!

What about 2012?

December concludes the initial trial for Rhythm Junction, and it has been a rousing success.  The response has been overwhelming, positive, encouraging, and exciting.  Rhythm Junction will return in 2012 with your beloved DJs, new DJs, live music, themes, and much, much, more.  Some have asked for a “new-DJ” opportunity at RJ and we are working to develop a strategy for this — perhaps you are the next great DJ!