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2011 Survey Results!

At the end of 2011, we ran a survey to see how we did in the first 4 months of this Monday Night adventure.  Results are generally positive, but there were some interesting finds and all are informative.  There were 22 respondents.  Here is the summary of those results:

Overall Performance

Overall, it seems like we’ve made the right choices here at RJ. See the note at the end of this post for questions on methodology.

Category: Likes/Neutral/Dislike

Music: 21/1/0
Glenn Crytzer: 16/6/0
Dance Floor: 21/0/1
Environment: 19/0/3
Water & Snacks: 19/3/0

59% of The 22 dances come weekly, 27% twice a month, 5% once a month, and 9% only came a few times.

Live Music

$10 is the most common answer (73%), the average price coming in at $9.65.   59% of folks would pay that monthly, 45% quarterly, and just 9% suggested every 4 months.   Our decision for 2012 is to go quarterly at 10$/night.  If you follow our monthly fliers (available at Four Seasons), you’ll know in advance when we’ll have live music at $10/night.

Themed Nights

The themed nights had a mixed response, still positive, but not as strong.  72% remembered the themed nights, but 28% didn’t. Only 64% felt the nights stayed within the theme.  While 68% of respondents like the concept, 10% do not.  Respondents agree, but not strongly, with the implementation while the general inclination is that we should continue them in the future (63%).

Suggested themes include Blues, Soul, Charleston, Fast Music, Patty and the Buttons, Gypsy Jazz (Repeat), Jump Blues/Fifties’ Rock.

In response to the suggested themes, Charleston, Patty, Fast Music and Gypsy Jazz nights are in our future. Blues and Soul are popular in our community and may become part of an occasional “Back Room” series.  I feel that the Jump Blues and 50’s Rock are well served by other offerings in our community.  If they were to happen at RJ, it would be a “Back Room” affair, but RJ’s front room is focused on 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s vintage jazz.

Snacks and Food

The snacks and food were interesting.  In this section I will discuss the results in terms of weighted likes to hates with a significance scored based on the number of indifferent responses.  The stronger the weighting, the more significant the finding.

Cookies: People liked cookies 7.5:1, with a weight of 1.7.  Slightly significant.
Sugary Candies: Just about 1:1, but with a weight 1.083, the finding is insignificant.
Trail Mix: 9:1 in favor, weighting of 3.33.  This is strongly significant. (Though worth noting, we didn’t go through the trail mix all that fast!)
Bars: 13:1 in favor, weighting of 1.27.  Slightly significant, mostly indifferent.
Salty Snacks: 23:1 in favor, 3.43.  Strongly significant finding.

In terms of dietary needs, 2 are Gluten Free, 1 Vegan, 3 “Other” — 6 of 22 respondents.  That seems significant but the high percentage could be a result of the number of respondents.

Our Direction: It seems like the direction we’ve taken is good, hitting all the needs/wants.  We’ll adjust to having Trail Mix on hand and continue our variety.

Want to bring something? The question did come up on whether or not folks can bring stuff.  It is okay to bring snacks to share.  Please take good care when producing the food, use gloves and hairnets to keep the food free of personal contaminants.  Don’t lick the beaters until you’re done with them!

Respondent Demographics

27% @ 18-21
23% @ 22-25
27% @ 26-30
9% @ 31-35
9% @ 36-40
5% @ 40+

There was a question on why we chose these age ranges, and it was purely based on observed age ranges at RJ dances.  Now we have confirmation and something to track year to year.  RJ is set up to encourage continued dancing as dancers move from college into careers and later families.  I think that the numbers here reflect that demographic is being met, but only to a degree.  It’s hard to say why there are not more dancers over 30, but there has not been an ‘evening’ opportunity outside of the bar scene in town until now.  It is our hope that we will see growth in these under-represented age groups.

36% 1-2 years
27% 3-4 years
14% 5-6 years
23% 7+ years

These are very encouraging results for RJ.  Through RJ’s music selection, we aim to call to Lindy Hoppers.  There is a natural attrition as dancers get older and leave the scene, RJ is attempting to provide a place for them to continue dancing.  Thus, these results are very, very positive!

In Summary

All the options in the survey were informed by qualitative assessment of those attending the dances.  The parting comments were all appreciated and we’re looking into all the suggestions there, including ‘new dj’ opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the survey. It is good to know that we are on the right path.  We are happy to provide you this dancing opportunity and look forward to improving upon it.

Methodology Note

A note on Methodology.  Most of the questions are on a scale of 1 to 5 or hate to like with a continual middle ground for neutral or not applicable.  The stats and rations given reflect either degree of like and hate, that is, 1 & 2 and 4 & 5.