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In Review...

The making of Halloween 2012!

The 2012 Halloween party was a great success, thanks to all who came out.  Officially the “2012 Rhythm Junction Zombie Apocalypse,” the night consisted of special decor, foods, music and entertainment.  We thought we’d share what goes into making a Rhythm Junction Party, in case you were curious:

Theme.  It all starts with the theme.  Most often, the themes readily lend themselves to the dance.  Obviously, it was Halloween, so that put many things into play: graveyards (2011), zombies (2012), vampires, werewolves, psychos, etc.  The Theme drives the planning for the night.  The choice of the Zombie Apocalypse led itself to some particular decoration choices.

Decor. For the Zombie Apocalypse, all stereotypical things Zombie called out to us.  From the [Zombie] Research Center where outbreaks begin and end, to the hack-job final holdout, to brains and eyeballs, and the rise of the dead.  This sense of decoration requires appropriate signs and displays to make the theme readily apparent when dancers arrive.  The decor sets the stage for the night’s event.

Food. Themed nights bring out our culinary sides.  We like to vary the food offerings at Rhythm Junction and Themed Nights give us an opportunity to indulge.  The Zombie Apocalypse yielded a GraveYard (Brownie, under crumbled choclate cake with gummy worms, gummy body parts, white chocolate ghosts, and white chocolate tombstones), Chewies (The scary form of Crunchies, a peanut button & butterscotch family recipie), and the return of Eyeballs (Oreo Truffles covered in white chocolate with M&M Irises).

Music. On theme nights, the music also receives special attention.  While there aren’t enough songs to constitute Zombie Swing, there are plenty that discuss aspects of Halloween.  Here’s what DJ Michael Brafford put into the evening:

I had a lot of fun DJing for the RJ Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Party last Monday night.  It’s always fun to put songs together for special occasions and through my research I found quite a few great songs that I may have to incorporate into future sets regardless of the season. Below are a few of the highlights.

 I started the night off with “Friday the 13th by Royal Crown Revue and eased into the night with some low key swing tunes.  As more people arrived, more themes started to creep in.  “Killing Jive” by The Cats and the Fiddle and “Murder, He Says” by Gene Krupa, while not literally about homicide, seemed fitting for the night.  Later a Devilish set unfurled with “At the Devil’s Ball”, Bob Scobey’s Fisco Band; “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”, Benny Goodman; “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down”, Rhythm Junkies”; and “Satan Takes a Holiday” by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, which is actually a great song that doesn’t get enough playtime. More ghostly and ghoulish songs included “Mr. Ghost Goes to Town”, Mora’s Modern Rhythmists; “The Headless Horseman” featuring Kay Starr; and “Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead” featuring Ella Fitzgerald.  And no Halloween Party would be complete without  “Monster Mash”, Bobby “Boris” Picket & The Crypt-Kickers; “Love Potion No. 9”, The Clovers; “Werewolves of London”, Warren Zevon; “Ghostbusters,” Ray Parker Jr.; and of course “Thriller”, Michael Jackson.  Hopefully, more people will join in the Thriller dance next time.  I had a blast and I hope you enjoyed the tunes.  And always remember the gh’oul times!

Entertainment. Finally, we add a bit of entertainment to some of the themed nights.  For the Zombie Apocalypse, the entertainment was a game that actually brought about the Zombie Apocalypse.  The Apocalypse occurred around 10:05 with pockets of Survivalists holding out even until the end of the night by employing various evasion strategies, antidotes, and weapons.  However, the weapons and antidotes were running out and who knows what another hour would have brought.  As an “inside” joke, the Research Center’s predictions of the apocalypse were spread out in the Research Center.  For our population, there was a 30% chance of surviving the apocalypse.  It turns out that over population decreases the chance of survival!


We love to throw parties, it’s in our nature.  They’re a lot of work, though, and we’d love your help.  If you want to help out with them in the future, please let us know. Email shawn@rhythm-junction.com if you to be involved with the party nights!

Our next planned Parties are Dec 17 — Holiday Party and a New Year’s Eve of the Eve party on December 30th.  We hope to see you there!

Shawn & Chelsea with Michael Brafford