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News & Updates

Taxi Dancers!

Hello Rhythm Junction!
There is a new thing at RJ now: the Taxi Dancer. You can identify them because they have a Taxi Dancer badge on. For those of you familiar with Uptown Swing, it’s essentially the same thing.

Taxi Dancers are there to help new dancers make connections and get dances in. RJ can be an intimidating environment to come into, but the Taxi Dancers are there to help! If you’re looking for a dance and have trouble getting to someone quickly, look for the taxi dancer. If you’re playing “wall flower”, they might come up and ask you to dance.

Taxi Dancers are not RJ volunteers, per sae, but they are indeed individuals who voluntary take on the role of Taxi Dancer. If you’d like to be a Taxi Dancer, please stop by the front desk to pick up a badge at the start of the night. Right now we have four available, 2 leads and 2 follows. Then we’ll write your name on the whiteboard so folks know what you’re up to.

We hope that you continue to enjoy Rhythm Junction. Please let us know if you have any other Good Ideas (TM) for us! Thanks to Peter Strom and others for asking for this! It’s definitely a Good Idea!

~ Shawn and Chelsea