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News & Updates

June 16 After Party!

After Dance Party
June 16, 2012

Cost: 10p-1a $8, 1am-3am 5$
Location: Four Seasons Dance Studio

Rhythm Junction loves dancers of all kinds. We love that there’s so much dancing to be had in town. We love that there are more types of music to dance to than our Monday Nights can cater to. We love that there’s both a Blues Dance and a Swing dance on Saturday, June 16th. We love TCSwing hosting swing at the Eagles Club. We love Collectively Blue hosting blues at Four Seasons.

We love the opportunity to throw the After Party.

Rhythm Junction is going to stretch its musical wings a bit and on June 16th, after the Blues Dance by Collectively Blue and continuing after the Swing Dance by TCSwing, we’re hosting a Dance Party. We’re very excited.

Our theme? Just Good Music. We’re moving forward into music from the 50’s thru today and have several DJs excited to bring you along. Here’s how this is going to work:

-> The blues dance will transition to the After Party at 10pm.
-> The After Party is BYOB, yes, including adult beverages
-> Good Food and Non-Alcoholic beverages will be provided.
-> There will be games in the back room: Twister, Apples to Apples, whatever you bring.
-> There will be dancing in the front room: Solo, Partnered, Line – what ever the music calls, you respond

Why on earth would we do this? Well, sometimes we take ourselves too seriously when we should just go crazy, let loose, and relax our brains. This is the latter.

I hope you’re excited for this — I know we are. Oh, right, who’s DJing?

Damon Stone, Krista Haskins, James Allen Davis, and others.

Will you join us Saturday June 16th at Four Seasons?

Follow your Lead; Feed the Hungry

Rhythm Junction is teaming up with Neighborhood House during March Food Drive to fight hunger on Monday March 26th. With a goal of 100 pounds of food raised, we invite you to bring 1-2 non-perishable food items on March 26th and receive $1 off your admission to Rhythm Junction.

  • Neighborhood House’s overall goal for March is raising 120,000 pounds of food/dollars –that’s enough food to fill four semi-trucks!
  • Their food shelf serves 28-30 families per day, distributing roughly 2,500 pounds of food
  • The Neighborhood House food shelf served 36,426 individuals last year. One-half of those they serve are children.

All donations are tax-deductible, and are partially matched by MN FoodShare. Riley and Shawn will be available to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your support in the fight against hunger!

Patty and the Buttons Success!

Patty and the Buttons were great last night.  If you missed out, quite a shame.  Fifty of your fellow dancers came out for the first live-music version of Rhythm Junction in 2012 and found themselves dancing until nearly Midnight to the sweet tunes that Patty and the Buttons provided us.

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I not miss out again?”, then read on my friend.  I’ll tell you how to find out about events at RJ and who the next live band is!


Another record with December upon us!

Rhythm Junction established a new attendance record last week with 92 dancers passing the door.  DJ Ed Morales played a great, up tempo set that kept you 92 dancing all night and dozens remained until the very end at 11pm. Thank you for your continued support of Rhythm Junction, we’re looking ahead to 2012 with great anticipation! We send a special thanks to Uptown Swing for coming to visit us on their field trip.  You are welcome anytime!

Features in this update: What to do with a packed house?  What’s coming in December? Winter is coming, How do we keep the place clean when the snows fall a hundred feet deep? What about 2012?


Gypsy Jazz and Blues Tonight, 9/19!!

Monday, Monday, Monday!

  • Monday the 19th will feature two DJs in two rooms, Jenny Collins in front with swing and Gypsy Jazz while Damon Stone will DJ the Blues in the back room starting at 9pm.
  • The BOGO coupon is good for one free admission with one paid admission, both must occur on the same night. So, it’s more like a “bring a friend” night.  🙂  Help spread the word of Rhythm Junction!
  • I am always open to the new ideas for themes and activities that we can do at Rhythm Junction.  For example, gypsy jazz or Count Basie nights.  Please send me any thoughts you have and you’ll get to help with the implementation!
  • I’m still looking for some volunteers.  I’ll need 3-4 per night.  For volunteering you can dance the rest of the night for free. Let me know if you are interested.
  • Parking is more limited than anticipated for a Monday Night.  The meters are free after 8, if you can get one.  The lot off Maple is $5 for the night, and there is parking on the residential blocks near the Basilica.  I’m going to look into some other options, like MCTC and such.  I will let you know when I have news, and, of course, it will be on the website.
  • LIVE BAND: Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators are playing Blues on 9/28 at Rhythm Junction (9pm to Midnight, Four Seasons) and Jazz at Late Nite Swing on 9/29 (10p, Social Dance Studio).
  • Rhythm Junction’s website is www.rhythm-junction.com and we are on facebook.  Event postings on Facebook will come from the Facebook Page, not the group page, starting with the Oct 10 event.

I hope to see you tonight at 8pm sharp!  Remember, those who arrive before 8:30 will save a buck!

Thank you all, and please don’t hesitate to shoot me any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.